Are you an upcoming dancer, actress or artist? Are you well-known for your choreography? Do you own a dance or fitness studio? Do you have a mouth watering recipe you’d like to share? If you’re interested in being featured on an episode of 8 Count Kitchen, shoot an email to Thanks!
— Jermaine Wright

8 Count Kitchen Ep.3 |  I'm rocking out with my home girl Deniesha Martin at MoveFitness by Lenny. We're conjuring up some choreography that's SOFT and sexy, but has a HARD HITTING element to it! Sounds like the perfect textures, for a delicious dish. Click play and see if our dish gets Deniesha's dance moves stoppin' or her taste buds poppin'! 

8 Count Kitchen Ep.1 | My dance team and I have a FIERCE dance competition coming up! I promise them a delicious home cooked meal if we can take home the big win! Click play and see whether the competition left our bellies hungry and famished, or celebratory and satisfied! 

8 Count Kitchen Ep. 2 | Join me as I rock out in the dance studio with Dancer/ Choreographer Cymone Sammons. She's working up something SEXY, BOLD and HOT! Can we say INSPIRED? These are the same qualities and flavors I'm going to translate into a dish. Click play and see what we come up with!