Valentine's Day Special | How to Make Chocolate Truffles
Check out this quick and easy Chocolate Truffle recipe. We're delivering one chocolate truffle, 3 ways-- "Cocoa Classic," "Shaved Coconut," and "Salted Sunflower!" This is the PERFECT Valentine's day delectable. Surprise your love one(s) with their very own homemade and personalized box of chocolate truffles.

8 Count Kitchen Halloween Special | Zombie Hand Meatloaf
Looking for the perfect recipe for your halloween party? Try this Bacon Wrapped Zombie Hand Meatloaf brushed with a Chipotle Honey Ketchup Glaze! Happy Halloween from 8 Count Kitchen™ Written and Produced by: Jermaine Wright Shot by: Kurticiah Thompson Edited by: Linda Inthongpradith

"Beet, Potato and Bacon 'PARFAIT'" | 8 Count Kitchen April Fools Special Looking for the perfect APRIL FOOLS Joke?! Check out the recipe that is sure to have all of your FRIENDS and FAMILY FOOLED! 

"Rasta Pasta" | 8 Count Kitchen Valentine's Day Special:
 We're SPICING things up this Valentine's day with some delicious Rasta Pasta! It's everything you love about Chicken Alfredo but with a Caribbean twist! Check it out!

8 Count Kitchen Thanksgiving Special | It's our favorite time of year so you know we had to deliver another Holiday Special! This time we're mixing things up a bit by putting an abstract twist on some of your favorite Thanksgiving classics!  Check out this delicious recipe that has EVERYTHING you love about thanksgiving, all in one bite! 

8 Count Kitchen Valentine's Day Special | Our Valentine's Day is here just in time for the big day! Whether it's that special guy or girl, this recipe is guaranteed to melt their hearts. With our unique twist on Chocolate and Bacon, it'll be LOVE at first BITE! 



8 Count Kitchen Christmas Special | Pancake Bread Pudding wih a Sweet Bourbon Whisky Sauce : We're whipping up a delicious Pomegranate Pancake "Bread" Pudding with Raspberries, Mint and a Rich Bourbon Whiskey Sauce! Talk about the PERFECT Holiday Brunch Dessert! Get your pens, paper and pads out because THIS ONE is for the BOOKS!

8 Count Kitchen Halloween Special | Throwing a Halloween party? Looking for something fun to make with the kids that won't break the bank? For our Halloween Special, we're showing you how to make a "Halloween Party Platter" that is literally to DIE for! We're not kidding. This recipe will have your little guys and ghouls SPOOKED for Halloweens to come! 

8 Count Kitchen Thanksgiving Special | Seriously... Who DOESN'T love Thanksgiving? You've got friends, family, food and fun, and that's what we're all about! If you're looking for a way to kick up your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with some non-traditional flavors, here's a recipe that will have your taste buds doing the Milly Rock, The Electric Slide, and the Cotton Eye Joe all at once! Check it out!

8 Count Kitchen Christmas Special | Looking for some quick, easy and inexpensive DIY recipes for your next Holiday Party? Well you're in the right place! We're whipping up an Amazing Appetizer, a Decedent Desert, and a Comfy Cocktail. Get you pen and paper ready, because these quick and easy DIY recipes will impress your holiday guests!