"A Taste of Life" | We all have that moment in our lives when we stop and think "What does my life taste like?" Is it salty? Is it sweet? Is it Bland? Or is it Burnt? Hear what Jermaine Wright and Vanessa Cole have to say as you take a bite and have a taste of their lives! 

"Secrets of an Impromptu Chef"Being overly creative can have certain effects on a Home Cook. While it may be difficult to stick to strict steps and measurements, the possibilities of what you can create are literally ENDLESS. Check out my secrets of being an impromptu chef! 


"Having a Cultured Palate" | We ALL know that "Taste", "Portion Size," and "PRICE" are all factors to consider when ordering out at a restaurant. Check out what WE had to say about it. Be sure to LIKE, LOVE, SHARE and COMMENT! Let us know who you agree with! Is it #TeamMaine? Or #TeamNess?  #8CountKitchen #Talkn8Count #Enjoy

"Taste Your Food As You Go!" | Whether you're a Chef, a Home Cook, or simply a fat kid at heart, the GOLDEN rule of cooking is to "Taste your food as you go". Check it out!