1. It's Cheaper:

A bag of frozen corn cost anywhere between $2 and $6 a bag! I got 5 ears of corn for $1. Not 1 but "5" whole ears of corn!

2. It Tastes Better:

When you get frozen corn (especially on the cob) the texture is weird. It has that wrinkled "you know it came from the bag in the freezer" taste. No matter how flavorful it is, that texture isn't going anywhere.

3. It Feeds More People:

A $5 bag of frozen corn on the cob comes with about 6-8 small spheres of corn in it. That's about 2 full ears of corn. Which btw only cost me 40cents (Yea-- I'm totally rubbing it in).

4. More Nutrients:

Frozen corn is zapped of most of its nutrients. Well thats because often times its packaged with buttered flavoring, decreasing it's natural health benefits and increasing your chance for a heart attack. (Clearly exaggerating but you get the point!)

5. More TLC

Chefs and Home Cooks usually appreciate all that comes with the cooking process. From cleaning chicken, to shucking corn. To us, it creates an opportunity to bond with those around us. Before you know it, someone's cutting onions, another is salting the water and the other is well... Peeling corn. More help = More TLC. And more TLC = a more enjoyable meal!

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